Thursday, May 17, 2012

about my faith

There is a little boy, not quite 2 years old, here in Nashville. His name is Patrick and he has been at Vandy Children's for 8 weeks. I learned of him through the open Facebook group "Prayers for young Patrick F" and was instantly captivated.

Apparently, I am not the only one as they have over 5,000 followers now from all over the country/world and most of them are just like me - heard of him through a friend (or often a friend of a friend) and could not look away.

God is working miracles through this young life and as I read all the posts of prayer, scripture, and declaration I realize how small I am and how great our God is. I am also learning how small  my faith is, how I doubt, worry, and fear. Patrick and his incredible mom and dad are teaching me about what it truly means to give ALL our thoughts and concerns to HIM.

The Facebook page is amazing - God's spirit is there...on the internet...on Facebook!!! Join the group and read the posts every day - you will be encouraged, broken, lifted up, and if you are like me - you will find yourself talking more closely with God (and listening).

At 2pm (Central) today, they began the process of removing little Patick from the ventilator and the rest is up to God. He has been breathing fine on his own for some time and the vent remained in place in case he need immediate critical actions. The doctors and family feel all has been done for him that is humanly/medically possible. God's healing miracle is the request at this time - to stop the internal bleeding and heal what man cannnot.

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